1)  Is your ghee is Organic?

-we know that, in era of technology and fast moving world person can go any level to earn money. But at GirOrganic we are not relying on any outer source for Milk, Ghee or any product. Gir Organic is Organic certified Farm where all product grow are Organic. And for A2 Ghee, GirOrganic own more than 350+ Gir cows and are fed Organic. And yes we own certificate of farm and Product. And you can trust GirOrganic for same. 


2) Is ghee helpful to lose weight?

Are you willing to lose weight? Then Gir Cow A2 Ghee is best option for you. As it is misconception that “Ghee is responsible for weight gain” but that’s not true. As Desi Cow Ghee contain CLA (conjugated linolenic Acid) its helps to reduce belly fat. Research suggests that ghee helps in mobilising fat cells to be burnt for energy, further helping you reduce fat mass and increase lean body mass. So, go for GirOrganic A2 Ghee.


3) Why Desi Cow Ghee is so costly ?

To earn more money ? 


Manufacturing cost of Desi Cow Ghee is high because of its Raw Material (Desi Cow Milk). Average cost of Desi Cow Milk is ? 60-?70/liter. And Milk required to prepare 1 kg ghee is 25-30 liter.

So, we considered average rate ?60/liter.

Considering 27 liter milk is required to prepare 1 kg.

Cost of 27 liter of Desi Cow Milk is, 27*60 = ?1620

Adding Labour , Electricity , Gas and Packaging Cost approx. ?100

Total Cost = ? 1720/kg


So, Pure Desi Cow Ghee rate may vary from ?1700-?2500. 

And we, at GirOrganic kept minimum margin , so people can easily get healthy & Pure Desi Ghee.  


4) Is it safe to buy GirOrganic Ghee from another state or country?

For GirOrganic Ghee

Your answer is “YES YOU CAN”

GirOrganic Ghee will come in Glass Jar with 5 level of safety in Packaging. GirOrganic Packaging design in such a way that it reach to your home in its Original Form.


Our 5 level safety packaging security are:

First level Safety

LDPE shrink film is covered around Glass Jar 

Second level Safety

Glass Jar is placed inside thermocol of 20 mm to prevent breakage against falling/colliding

Third Level Safety

Well designed Green Outer cardboard with brand description on it.

Fourth Level Safety

“OPEN HERE” sticker above cardboard boxes gives fill that product is not opened in route.

Fifth Level Safety

Bubble wrap is applied around packing to prevent it from wear & tear.


And this makes our client to TRUST GirOrganic